Clear, natural moments. 

I grew up in northern Utah, surrounded by incredible landscapes and really nice people. My love for photography started early on as a teenager, as I loved capturing beauty and symmetry, but I am worthless with a pen. I have since moved to New York City, where I get to take my passion for landscape photography and marry it to the big apple's impeccable city scape. Most of my professional work is digital, though I've acquired an immense interest in film photography, since I stumbled upon a 1970s Canon film camera that I can't seem to put down.


My professional photography career began at Deer Valley Ski Resort, where I learned to adapt my equipment on a dime in order to capture images that skiers would want to buy. Since then, I've moved across the country and have shot corporate events for NY businesses, motorcycle races for Castrol, Social Media content for the US Men's Soccer Team and most recently a mens leather luxury brand, Anson Calder.

Drop me a line, follow me, ping me. I would love to make art with you!


Winner, 1st Prize. Caelum Gallery 3/2016