Caelum Gallery

Lessons learned

  • Seeing my art on walls, much better than on a social feed.
  • Watching people look at and interact with my photos on the wall is much more fulfilling than tracking Instagram "likes".
  • I'm now an award-winning photographer! 

I caught wind of an artist exhibit down in Chelsea where photographers, artists, painters, etc. could submit their work in hopes to be accepted for a full-day art exhibition. I was 1 of 18 artists that got accepted. What I did not know was that this exhibit was to be judged by photography experts from Adorama, and prior to the event they went around each of the exhibits, placing ribbons on their favorite pieces. When the doors opened and they allowed the artists to enter first, to see who won, my jaw was on the floor. Out of 18 photographers, I got 2 of the ribbons. #1 Photo (Blue) and Notable Mention (Purple).

I am super grateful to all those friends and new friends I made of people that made the effort to come to the gallery and check out my photos, and those of all the others in the exhibit. It was a truly amazing experience and I'll definitely plan for more installations in the future.

Shortly after the exhibit I delivered the award-winning photo to some close friends that fell in love with it. Love at first sight. It now graces their master bedroom in the Upper West Side.